Frequently Asked Questions


Is sports required?

No, the app does not require sports.  The application is completely configurable to your unique needs.  It can be easily configured to only publish institutional or alumni content.

Can the app contain sports exclusively?

Yes!  Our pricing is very competitive with other sports-only mobile apps.  The application can be configured to each university’s needs:  Athletics and\or Academics.  You choose.

Can I add new publishers during the year?

Yes!  The app is very flexible.  For example, you could start publishing as an institution and then add colleges during the year.

Can multiple organizations post into the same app?

Yes, for example, each college or sport can post their own material.  There is an optional step where a centralized organization like university relations can review content before it actually appears in the app for end-users.


I already have a website, isn't that good enough?

Websites get used on PC’s… and PC’s are fading.  The world is shifting to mobile.  People don’t use web sites on their phones.  They use apps.

How many alumni are going to remember to open a browser on their phone and type in “”?  Not many.

I already have a mobile app for my students, isn't that good enough?

Mobile apps for students are great… for students!  They typically contain information students need like the cafeteria menus.  That content isn’t what community leaders and business people are looking for.

Why is this app better than Facebook?

Facebook is great and you should continue to use it!  But understand it’s limitations.

First, did you know that Facebook only shows posts to about a third of your followers for free?  They hold the post back from the other two-thirds unless you pay to “boost” your post.

Second, even if Facebook does show your post to a follower, do they really see it?  People have hundreds of Facebook friends.  And your post is mixed in with all their updates.  Once your post scrolls by their wall… it’s gone.

The ProudCrowd app is dedicated to your institution.  When an alumni opens the app they see 100% of the content they want.

My Athletics department already has a sports app.

First, ask them if they really like the app they are using.  The most common case is that the athletic department didn’t pick the app they are using.  Rather, it simply came along with the web site package they are using.  They might be happy to switch to the ProudCrowd app.

Second, it is just fine to have a dedicated sports app and also the ProudCrowd app.  There are a set of people who ONLY care about sports and not about the university as a whole. Let them use the sports-only app.

It is still useful to publish sports content to the ProudCrowd app as well for your alumni who care about more than just sports.


What happens if I go over my subscriber limit?

First, we celebrate!  This is a great problem to have.  It means your app is successful!

Don’t worry, we never change our pricing during the yearly contract period.  If you go over, we will work on moving you to a larger plan when your plan renews.

How will I know if the app is "working"?

The ProudCrowd system includes a browser-based administrative dashboard.  It displays information like the number of active subscribers along with detailed information about which stories were the most active.