Your digital magazine.

We tell stories.  To Philanthropists, Business Leaders, and Community Influencers.

We tell stories.  In a manner true to your brand.

We tell stories.  Using the digital medium; always fresh and at hand.

We tell stories.  About Athletics, Alumni, Colleges and the Institution itself.


Want to learn more about how mobile is impacting the world of fundraising?

A cultivation tool.

The cultivation process begins through various “reach” channels.  Paid advertising, bulk email and social media all reach large numbers of people at a low cost per person.

The cultivation process culminates with a highly engaged influencer or donor. The university works to establish an ongoing, personal relationship with these important constituents.  Dedicated development officers are expensive, but the returns from these highly engaged constituents are significant.

There is a gap between the broad reach and personal engagement levels.  A university magazine is often used to fill this gap. A magazine delivers stories with an aesthetic that cannot be captured in a blast email or social media post.

The ProudCrowd application brings the traditional university magazine to the digital world.  We deliver brand supporting stories at a lower cost than a traditional printed magazine.  Unlike printed material, users of the application can select their interests which enables more relevancy.  The digital format allows continuous publication to keep messages fresh.


Unified content.


Sports fans, philanthropists and business professionals: You communicate with them all.  In fact, it’s often the same person!

Traditional university communications are fragmented from the alumni’s perspective. They see a confusing array of blast emails, websites and Facebook pages from multiple sources.

The ProudCrowd app enables constituents to get their diverse content from one convenient source.